National Back to School Month Safety Tips

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According to the National Safety Council, August is National Back to School Month, which means now is the time to start thinking about getting the kids ready for the upcoming school year.  Besides going back to school shopping for school supplies, you should also take some time to review school safety with your children.  There are plenty of situations that could arise at school or on the way to school.  Make sure your children are as safe as possible when they leave the house in the morning.

Helpful Teacher

  1. School bus safety
    1. Practice safety at the bus stop – always wait at the curb until the bus comes to a complete stop.  Do not run across the street.  As a driver, be aware of buses approaching their stops as well.
    2. Practice safety on the bus- Sit in the seat correctly and use seat belts if they are available.  Do not throw anything.  Do not talk loudly or distract the driver.
  2. Cyber safety
    1. Technology has made schooling much easier for students these days.  They no longer need to scour the library for the correct encyclopedia volume for assignments.  Answers are at their fingertips with the use of smartphones and computers.  However, being online can also be dangerous if children are not aware of how to do it safely.  Advise your children about the dangers of the cyber world.  Let them know it is never a good idea to share personal information or talk with people they do not know offline.  Also, advise your children that once someone posts something online, it is there forever.  So they should take precautions before posting anything that could be detrimental later.
  3. Speaking up
    1. Using their voice can be the most important part of remaining safe at school.  Always be ready to listen to your children when they want to talk about a problem at school or elsewhere.  It can be a difficult task for a child to speak up, especially regarding sensitive subjects.  Be an ear for them and let them know you always will have their safety and best interests in mind.

We wish you and your children the best school year yet.


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