Efficient Ways to Cool Your Home

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The Dog Days of summer have arrived.  Some days the heat may be unbearable, but not as unbearable as your electric bill might be next time you open it.  While the cool air feels great after a long day, using an air conditioner can pack on the electric dollar signs.  If you are looking for efficient ways to keep your house cool for the rest of the summer, here are some tips: Apartment interior couch kitchen desk

  • Keep the blinds closed.  The sun can certainly brighten a room, but it can also heat it up pretty quickly.  Keep the blinds closed on very hot days to keep the temp down.
  • Use fans.  Move air throughout the house with strategically placed fans.  You will want to make sure your ceiling fans are spinning counter clockwise so that hot air is pulled upward away from your living area.
  • Install an attic fan.  An attic fan can take all the hot air and blow it out of your home through an attic window or cut out.
  • Open windows at night or on shady sides of the house.  Opening the windows to pull cool air in and hot air out is best during times when the sun is not beating down.  However, leave the windows and doors closed if you have your air conditioner on to keep the cool air inside.
  • Plant some shade trees near your house.  Keeping your house cool on the outside can help to keep it cool on the inside.  Shady trees and shrubs make it much cooler.
  • Lower the air conditioner temp at night.  Your air conditioner won’t need to work as hard when it is not fighting with the sun.  Turn the temperature down a bit at night and raise it back up in the morning.  Your home should stay cooler longer throughout the day.

What are some of your favorite home cooling tricks?


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