Driving in Delaware: Know the Safety Laws

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Whether you are new to driving, or you have been on the road for most of your life, you may not be aware of the most current Delaware driving safety laws.  The most current information is available on Delaware’s website www.dmv.de.gov, but here are some highlights:Confident man driving car and talking on cell phone

  • Child Car Seats
    • Children under 12 years old must ride in the back seat.
    • Babies, less than one-year-old must be in an approved rear-facing car carrier with harness straps at or below the shoulders
    • Children between 1 and three-years-old should ride in an infant or rear-facing convertible seat until they reach the height and weight requirements on the seat itself.
    • Children between 4 and seven-years-old should ride in an approved forward-facing car seat with harness straps across the shoulders.
    • Toddlers and children between 8 and 12 years old should ride in a booster seat using the vehicle’s safety belt.
    • All children 16 years or younger must wear seat belts
  • Cell Phones
    • Texting and the use of hand-held phones are banned while driving.  Avoiding distractions while driving is always a good idea.  If you can avoid talking about your hands-free device as well, that would be optimal.
  • Seat Belts
    • All passengers must wear seatbelts at all times.  According to the CDC, wearing a seatbelt decreases car accident related injuries and deaths by about half.

Remember, while your auto insurance policy will have you covered for interstate travel, you will need to learn and follow the other state’s laws when driving through them.  You can usually find out each state’s driving laws by searching through DMV.org, a privately operated website that offers information about each state’s laws.  You can also review each state’s individual governmentally run motor vehicle websites or call the motor vehicle offices in your area.  Research before you drive, and stay safe on the roads.


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