Do Renters Need Insurance?

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Congratulations!  You have moved out of your parents’ home and into your first apartment.  Living on your own can be a wonderful experience – one that can change your life.  While you are enjoying your new place of residence, you might have a few questions that never even crossed your mind before like: “Adding a red sock to my white load of laundry isn’t really going to make everything pink, right?” or “I wonder if that Thai restaurant across the street is any good..?” or most importantly “What type of protection do I have if my apartment is burglarized or suffers damage in some way?”Row houses in New York City, New York, USA

While we can’t give you a review of that Thai restaurant, we can certainly help you out with your other questions.  Yes, your whites will probably come out pink, and you might want to consider a renters insurance policy to get the coverage you are seeking.

Your landlord most likely has an insurance policy on the building in which you live, but it does not cover your personal property.  An easy way to think of it is this: If you can picture your apartment being flipped upside down, everything that would fall to the ground would be considered your personal property.  Everything that stays put would be considered your landlord’s property.

If you want protection for your belongings, a renters policy will cover you, in the same way, your parents’ homeowner’s policy protects them.  For a small premium each year, you will have protection from damage to your personal property.  Your renter’s policy will also offer liability protection that will protect you from third-party claims against you.

So when you get back from trying that Thai restaurant, give us a call to discuss an affordable renter’s insurance policy to help protect you from all life throws your way in your new apartment.


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