Boat Safety Tips

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Boating season is in full swing, which means now is the best time to brush up on boater safety. Taking the boat out for a nice day on the lake can be a relaxing and rewarding experience for everyone on board.  But without following proper safety precautions, your boat might be an accident waiting to happen.Boat in Gimli

  1. Always have life jackets available for every person on board.  Children and those who are not strong swimmers should wear a life jacket at all times.  It is never a bad idea to wear a life jacket even if you are an avid swimmer.  If there is a time when a passenger falls overboard, he could be struck unconscious for many reasons: hitting his head, or being shocked by the cold water.  Wearing a life jacket will keep him afloat and more easily retrievable.
  2. Keep an eye on the weather.  Before you depart from the dock, make sure you do not head into a storm or bad weather.  Check the weather and plan accordingly.  If there are treacherous waters ahead, skip the trip altogether and plan for another day.
  3. Avoid alcohol.  Save the drinks for later when you are back on shore.  Captaining a boat while intoxicated is the same as driving a car under the same condition.  Also, limit your passengers’ intake as well.  Accidents involving intoxicated passengers can be deadly.
  4. Don’t go alone.  Having another person on board assigned the “skipper” position is a good idea.  If you were to fall ill or otherwise not be able to captain the boat, your skipper could take over.
  5. Take a boater safety course.  Re-learning the ropes, even if you have already taken the course, can only make your safety knowledge stronger.  Plus, it could warrant a discount on your boating insurance.  Call (302) 834-9641 for more details!


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